Global Ministries

Global Ministries has life-giving stories to tell because of gifts to Disciples Mission Fund. One from a hospital partner in India tells of connection and help in crisis.

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National Benevolent Association

Serving as the Church’s health and social services general ministry, the NBA partners with local congregations, regional and general ministries, and a variety of Disciples-related health and social service providers.

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Regions, as communities of congregations, serve their geographic areas as connective tissue and Disciples Mission Fund is a key funding stream. Camps are one of the manifestations of regional work, but in South Carolina, reconciliation takes center stage.

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Disciples Home Missions

Resourcing congregations is key for general ministries that receive Disciples Mission Fund including Disciples Home Missions. Through DHM's Disciples Volunteering, "get dirty for Jesus" with an array of projects in the U.S. and Canada.

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Council on Christian Unity/Disciples of Christ Historical Society

At base, Disciples have a tradition of ecumenism (relating to other Christian groups) and that is reflected in both the Council on Christian Unity and the Disciples of Christ Historical Society that build bridges to other denominations and faiths – and do it thanks to DMF support.

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Racial/Ethnic Ministries

The diversity within the Disciples comes into beautiful focus through the racial/ethnic ministries funded by Disciples Mission Fund. The Central Pastoral Office for Hispanic Ministries, the National Convocation and North American Pacific Asian Disciples bridge and support those distinct communities within the Church.

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